Who Is This Guy?!

Ryan Hernandez

Hi I’m Ry, I’d like to think of myself as a creative person.  When I’m not thinking of stuff, I’m either taking care of my beautiful daughter or hangin’ out with my dog Fred!

I grew up in Riverside, CA.  Graduated Cal State Fullerton with a degree in “Fine Arts Illustration”. Ever since I was a kid I loved watching SNL. I heard about the Groundlings and decided to audition. I actually made the auditions when I was 18. From there my love of comedy and Improv grew. Using my Illustration skills, I started to write and animate short cartoons.  I also created a my very own comedy podcast (Potato Potato Podcast) on the Nerdist School Network with over 100 episodes and counting!  Now I am venturing into something bigger, comedic acting. Hopefully I can use all that I have learned to spread laughter and fun to people who need it…and those who want it!

In my off time I paint, draw, study improv and most importantly try to develop some sort of appealing personality.

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